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Stitches from the Harvest

Posted by Jan on 9/12/2017 to Blog Posts
Stitches from the Harvest

Stitches from the Harvest - Hand Embroidery Inspired by Autumn

"Fifteen all-new embroidery projects await your needle and thread, each inspired by the warm colors and welcoming textures of autumn. Stitch jaunty squirrels, whimsical birds, and a bevy of fall fruit and leaves to bedeck elegant little projects, including a pillow, tote bag, table runner, needle book, pincushion, and more. Clear instructions, helpful tips, and beautiful original artwork make Stitches from the Harvest a source of inspiration you'll turn to again and again." Martingale Publishing. 

Oh what a pretty book!  Oh what fun projects! I am so excited about this fun book.  Stitching is a great hand project.  It really does not take that much time, and it is so portable.  

What am I going to do first? The AMAZING table runner! 

Oh my!  And those little pumpkins on the wood cookies all set in a tray! Maybe I need to do the entire thing! But first the table runner!

I like to do my stitching on a heavier that normal cotton fabric.  I like a light weight canvas.  It gives the piece body and there is no need to add an interfacing layer to add extra body to the piece.  Twill fabric, "utility" fabric, cotton/linen blends, and even a light weight denim can be used.  

The patterns need to be drawn onto the fabric, but I might give the print a stitch sheets a try, they can be printed and then placed on top of the fabric hooped and stitched.  They rinse away after the stitching is done! 

So I am off to cut my fabric, find floss, and being stitching! Yea for Fall! 

Now where are those pesky needles!!!!!! 

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